Top Tips for Germinating Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

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Top Tips for Germinating Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

At Neptune Seed Bank, we sell some of today’s most popular seed strains and work with some of the leading breeders in the industry. However, if you’ve purchased auto-flowering cannabis seeds, they won’t do you much good unless you know precisely how to germinate them. Auto-flowering seeds boast a 90% success rate, but only if they’re germinated properly, so here are some tips!

The Lifecycle of Germinating Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Before diving too much into the details, it’s important to first understand precisely what we mean when we speak about a “germinated” seed. Germination is the initial part of the lifecycle of a cannabis plant, and it begins when the first small white roots start to appear from your auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

3 Methods of Germinating Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

  • The Glass of Water Method: For those planning to grow more than one or two seeds, this is the preferred method. First, place five seeds maximum into a small, half-filled glass of water. If you want to germinate more, simply repeat this process as many times as you want. The water you place your seeds in should be approximately 74-79°F (23-26°C). After around four days to a week max, you’ll start seeing the roots.


  • Paper Towel Method: This is one of the most tried and true methods for germinating cannabis seeds and it’s incredibly simple. Wet two paper towels and squeeze out the water so they’re only damp, then straighten them out and place your seeds between them. After 3-7 days you’ll start seeing those little white roots.


  • Straight into the Soil Method: Most growers that are germinating more than a few seeds prefer to simply stick their auto-flowering seeds straight into the soil. It does offer some benefits that the two methods above don’t, such as reducing stress from repotting your plants. If you choose this method, simply place your seeds about 4mm into the soil and cover them lightly, ensuring you keep your soil damp but avoid overwatering.

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