Twenty 20 Genetics – STS Plant Sex Reversal Spray (8oz)


STS Plant Sex Reversal Spray

*2 Part- Mixture STS Spray* A 2-Part Mixture of our house formula Silver Thiosulfate (STS) Spray to be used for sex reversal of (f) plants. Unlike pre-mixed STS, this 2-part mixture is indefinitely shelf stable until mixed. Pre-mixed STS oxidizes quickly and loses efficacy after approximately 30 days. This kit contains everything you need to make 250ml of solution, enough to reverse 1-2 plants (18″-24″ tall). Just add DISTILLED water.

Mixing Instructions:

  1.  Add approximately 150ml (5oz) DISTILLED water to the provided spray bottle.
  2.  Add the entire contents of “Part A” to the spray bottle and swirl gently.
  3.  Add the entire contents of “Part B” into the spray bottle and swirl gently.
  4.  Fill the spray bottle to the top with DISTILLED water and swirl gently.

*Never store in direct Sunlight
*Use the mixed solution within 30 days

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