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 This cross was put together by a very nice starfighter f2 elite.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on the f1’s, from a longtime Canadian friend..(micro)… f2’s were made, I crossed this to my special yeti f3.. aka…vanilla wafer pheno… The yeti has carried over and added more potency, with more of a medical value to the offsprings.. I made this as a special building block just for my garden.. There was a few extra packs left over to share with the community..
This creation offers 2 phenos that have super frost with very solid flowers. There’s a nice rich blend of warm lemon vanilla notes with a scented bamboo diesel aroma on the short pheno. Pure hash makers dream.
50%  starfighter pheno has super big fan leaves with rock hard buds that stack pretty tight..she tends to bring a little bit more uppty/upbeat for going out socializing and having few drinks…don’t be fooled, she’s a creeper.
50% hybrid ..Second pheno leans pretty hard on the yeti side..she will stay short..shes a little chunky monkey that will have more of a euphoria effect with an awesome Indy punch. this one can leave you on a green roller coaster if you take in to much..
Great for ptsd, upset stomach, muscle spasms and yoga

This is a perfect cross to take a few clones from and pass them to your closest friends….

Credit to ALIEN and LOOMPA
Genetics- Starfighter f2 / Yeti f3
Pack- 11 Seeds
Variety- Indica
Flowering Type- Photoperiod
Sex- Regular
Yield-Med, High
Plant Height- Med
Grow- Greenhouse, indoors, outdoors
Flowering- 7-8 weeks

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