Sterile Mushroom Substrates (3)


Now Available Grains and Substrates with self healing injection ports
Grains: 2 1/2 Pounds
CVG Substrate: 5 Pounds
CVG Substrate: 5 Pounds
Mushroom Grow Kit: Consists of 3 pre-sterilized mushroom substrates
Inoculate your Bags with 4 cc of your gourmet mushroom culture. Shake the bags after inoculation and allow your bags to fully colonize in normal room temperatures for 4 or until fully colonized. Once the bags have fully colonized you then break up the grains by shaking the bag or using a sterilized utensil. Add one bag of spawn to one bag of CVG substrate. Seal the top of the bag with an impulse sealer or tape. Mix the contents and allow the substrate to fully colonize (3-5 ). The substrate will fruit in the bag.

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