Romulan Genetics – Blacklung F1 (F)


Romulan Genetics – Blacklung F1 (F)

Lineage: Romulan x Mendobreath
Seeds Per Pack: 10
Sex: (F)
These seed packs come with our Cannverify security labels that have a QR code. Point your cell phone camera at the QR code and a link will pop up that will take you to a page showing all of this grow info listed here, photos, and also lab results showing terpenes, cannabinoids. You can also visit the website and enter the serial number manually to access this information at any time.

This one is for the taste chasing, terp loving, champions of the world who crave something a little extra loud. Coming in at an impressive 4% Terpene range even on poor grows, Blacklung is sure to make your senses ask for seconds. She has a delicious taste of floral babies breath, tar, and complex floral notes. Her effects are hybrid leaning towards indica dominant and they will send you straight into a wonderful state of relaxation without the typical sleepiness that comes with strong indica doms. The progeny is full of winners, with some extra heavy yielders waiting to be found. This is an extremely limited and numbered seed pack drop with a total of only 80 packs ever being made and released. We highly recommend taking cuts before flowering. You won’t get another chance to grow these again if you don’t.

​Type: Hybrid
Format: Feminized Photoperiod
Sativa / Indica ratio: 75% INDICA / 25 % SATIVA
Flowering indoors: 9-10 weeks
Flowering outdoors: October
Yield: Above Average-Heavy
Resistance against Spider mites: Above Average
Resistance against Powdery Mildew: Average
Resistance against Botrytis: Average
Resistance against Thrips: Above Average
Resistance against Cold: Average
Resistance against Heat: Average
Genetics: Romulan x Mendobreath
Structure: Tree style structure, typical stretching
Bouquet: Flower Baby Breath, Tar, Complex notes of floral, earth, spice, dank, pepper
High: Potent indica leaning hybrid. Very loud and extremely tasty.
Growing Tips: Easy grow for any experience level.
We recommend growing all feminized seeds in the veg. state until they have reached sexual maturity (stigmas beginning to show) before flowering them. Stabilization through cloning is also recommended for those who prefer that route. This drastically reduces the risk of intersex traits that may be experienced by a very small amount of growers *(higher rates can be experienced with feminized (S1) seeds compared to regular seeds). We have thoroughly tested these seeds just like all of our seeds prior to releasing them, and found no issues, but based on our experience those who rush fem. seeds into flowering from seed tend to be the ones who we see have problems.

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