Oni Seed Co. – Tropicanna Trail


10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: (Chem91 x NL5) x (Tangie x GSC)
Indica / Sativa: 75/25
Flowering Time: 60

Tropicanna Trail combines our “lemon iced tea” cut of (‘91 Chemdog x Northern Lights 5) with our orange, cinnamon Tropicanna Cookies male. This is an Indica dominant hybrid that produces dense, hard buds that REEK of skunky fruit. The Tropicanna Cookies male imparts a warm spiced cookie dough flavors and dark colors in many of his progeny and it combines very well with the skunky lemon aroma from the mother cut. Growers should expect a flower time of 63 days and minimal stretch. This plant can yield very well and benefits from defoliation in both early and late flower.


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