Mass Medical Strains – Evelyne Pupil

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Evelyne Pupil is one of our most famous crosses. This incredible plant has a flower time of 8-9 weeks, and can put on a beautiful show of colors, with leaves starting green and fading to yellow, orange, red, purple and almost black. Buds are extremely dense and deep purple throughout, loaded with frosty trichomes. The smell is incredibly fruity and sweet like candy. The flavor and potency are of connoisseur quality, she regularly tests at 24% thc. The effect is very medicinal, and has a nice electric quality to the high. Things become more vibrant, and even though she is mostly indica, she isn’t too sedative, this strain is very sensual and introspective, while being manageable at any time of the day. The mother is our famous Star Pupil mom. For the father, The Evelyne (Northern Lights x Buckeye Purple) was worked in two separate lines of F2s, and then the best line was chosen to find the very special male with the qualities we were looking for: good structure, purple coloration with lots of trichomes and just the right smell! This is our most indica dominant variety, at 75% indica and 25% sativa from the Pupil side.

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