Loompa Farms – Vanilla Bean x Yeti Fuel


10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

By far the Kalanora Vanilla bean structure is dominant growing shorter squatter plants that produce unbelievable resin. Phenos of pure vanilla and phenos of pure fuel and everything in between. The yeti carried over the strong disease resistance on massive rock hard colas that looks like they were snowed on with all the resin. This plant also proved to have giant yields of long spears of flowers. Potency is very high and can sneak up on you. (Didn’t send any stock, only breeding stock left)

For the Yetifuel males used in breeding I paid particular attention to detail. In all, 3 males were used, one og leaner, one sourD leaner, and one hybrid leaner. Doing the best that can be done to preserve as much of the gene pool as possible to pass onto future generations.

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