Loompa Farms – Moon Dawg


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The absolute most underrated strain we have. These are by far the largest yielders with the exception of the more pure old time moonshine phenos yielding smaller but expect that to change with the selection of the males used to help raise those yields. There’s a few phenos you will see, folks, the old time moonshine added resin and strong medical value to help calm anxiety, while the more chemdog phenos still producing the energetic, sweaty palms type high. Her aromas will vary from straight putrid fuel to a sweeter blueberry muffin aroma and hybrids to blend into sweet aromas and gas coating his lingering in your mouth.

We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State / Province and local municipalities. Any Seeds sold will be considered sold FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY! We take no responsibility if they are used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal. All sales are final.


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