Last Chance – Solfire: Mind Flayer Box Set


Solfire Gardens – Mind Flayer Box Set

Mega Mind – Don Mega x Mind Flayer
Block Monster – Hood Candyz x Mind Flayer
Turnt – Rozay Cake x Mind Flayer
Udder Madness – Bitties x Mind Flayer
Sol Sonic – Gary X x Mind Flayer
Mind Melter – Strawberry x Mind Flayer
Purple Palm Tree Delight – Banana Runtz x Mind Flayer
Poison Apple – Apple Fritter x Mind Flayer
GasNana – Banana Runtz x Gary
Mind Flayer S1
Special Pre-Released Goon Berries (Red Berries x Hood Candyz) or Trap Trufflez (White Truffle x Hood Candyz)
Sex: (F)

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