GG4 – Flash Glue


Flash Glue – 12 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: GG4 IBL x Flash Bang C (SNOWMAN S1 X BIO DIESEL) X MAC (15R)
Hybrid: Indica Dominant
Breeders: Joesy Whales founder of GG Strains & GG Genetics
THC Range: THC Range: 25-28%
Aroma: Pungent Earthy Yet Sweet like Kush Smell
Taste: Earthy Sweet Taste, Very Potent
Effects: High is Heavy Indica, Strong Buzz.
Medicinal Benefits: Pain, Appetite Stimulant, Insomnia
Form: Clone Only / Certified GG Strains Partners
Flowers: 58 to 63 days.
Hashtags: #FlashGlue #GGStrains #CertifiedGenetics


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