Fat Boy Genetics – Beelieve

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Lineage: Silver kush x beast of burden
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Very unique pairings in this cross.
The mother (silver kush) smelled like orange juice, and the father (beast of burden) has darker flavorings like coffee/beefy/funky smells. The silver kush was sativa dominant with crusty buds that were both dense and thick with trichome production which offsets the indica dominance that the beast of burden provides. Some phenotypes can go as early as 8 weeks, but most typically finish near 9, or roughly 63-ish days on approximation. Some phenotype exhibit purpling, as well and the ones ive found all seemed to carry a heavy medical value.
This strain is a nice “breakfast sampler” with a wide range of terpene profiles.
25% of the proceeds go to bee preservation via private beekeeping organizations and wildflower groups.

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