Fast Buds – California Snow (5Pack)





This is the rarest and most daring strain created by our team of

botanists. Californian Snow is a cross between an American Old

School Hot California strain and a Canadian Ruderalis that we

discovered in late 2013. It is

quite stable and displays a greater

percentage of Sativa phenotypes, though

it incorporates Indica


. The mature plant is thickly dusted with snow when at peak

flowering. That’s why it’s named Californian Snow

the buds are so

covered with resin t

hey appear to be snowy like the summit of a snow

covered mountain that looms above a warm, sunny California valley.

You’ll be wishing you could be shreddin’ the gnar on the main cola with

your snowboard! It looks awesome bro!


As for flavors, it’s a

really sweet strain, like a delectable slice of cake. It

offers a range of sweet sensations with a bitter aftertaste, and citrus

notes reminiscent of lime. It’s like an apple pie with sour cream




When first consumed, it fully sei

zes the moment, then blasts forward

into time, with the effects only lasting a half hour. It’s like going downhill

on your board full speed

quick and fleeting but unforgettable. Its

effects are instantaneous

a thud on the body and a sweet cloud of


y in the brain. A paradise come true for those who want to see the

snow. Before you know it you’ll fall outside the window and into warm

Cali in a t

shirt and a bathing suit.


A 18/6 photoperiod will give exquisite results just 8 weeks from


tion. It is a nice and easy strain that will respond very well.

Your harvest may offer about 250 grams per plant

(9 oz)

, which makes

it ideal for those looking for a very profitable option. Californian Snow’s

height will rarely exceed 130 cm

(50 inches)


ile it usually stays at

about 80 cm

(30 inches)

, and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor

grows. But we recommend cultivation under HIDs. We’ve created this

strain for marijuana growers who live in cold areas that experience very

short summers. If tha

t’s you, this is a variety that you can start smoking

during early winter. Rest assured it’ll take you to nice warm places like

sunny California. For outdoor grows in warm climates, you can reap

four harvests in a single growing season. From the fourth week of

flowering it begins to emanate lime and citrus aromas, so we

recommend that you use carbon filters if growing indoors.

Its THC content is a more than healthy 19%, and its CBD content is

1%. A worthy composition of time tested varieties currently enshrined

as superb modern medicinal cannabis that’s great for stress and


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