Dying Breed Seeds – White Cherry Gelato x Melon Fresca (Zkittles BX1)


Dying Breed Seeds – White Cherry Gelato x Melon Fresca (Zkittles BX1)

Lineage: White Cherry Gelato x Melon Fresca (Zkittles BX1)
Seeds Per Pack: 10
Sex: Regular Seeds
In a groundbreaking partnership, the iconic Backpack Boyz and the esteemed Dying Breed Seeds have joined forces with the cultivation experts at 3rd Gen Family Farms to create an unparalleled seed collection. This collaboration brings together some of the most celebrated and sought-after strains from both cannabis connoisseurs, including the legendary Zkittlez, the sumptuous Lemon Cherry Gelato, the fiery Grape Balls of Fire, the potent OZ Kush, the sweet Bubblegum Gelato, the exquisite White Cherry Gelato, among others. Crafted with precision and care, these seeds embody the pinnacle of cannabis breeding, offering a diverse range of flavors, aromas, and effects. Ideal for growers and enthusiasts eager to explore the finest genetics in the modern cannabis landscape, this collaboration represents a fusion of heritage, quality, and innovation in the world of premium cannabis cultivation.

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