Dying Breed Seeds – Watermelon Sugaree Very Special Reserve PRE SALE


Watermelon Sugaree – 10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

This is a PRE SALE ITEM… Seeds will not be shipped until late Feb

Lineage: Sugaree x Pop Rockz
Caked in resin and living up to her name, the mother Sugaree is a KC36 hybrid that is known for its multiple top-ten Emerald Cup wins. Flavors range from warm cotton candy to strawberry puree and watermelon jolly rancher. We paired her with our GDP+WMZ to enhance color and hash production. Watermelon Sugaree demolishes the competition and is a unique terpene profile brought out for the connoisseurs.
Grow Time: 8 – 9 weeks

Notes: Only 50 packs available in total then the strain is being retired.  This initial release is for packs 1-25 Each pack is numbered.  The full lineage is available in the photo gallery!

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