Dying Breed Seeds – GAK Rockz Very Special Reserve PRE SALE


GAK Rockz – 10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

This is a PRE SALE ITEM… Seeds will not be shipped until late Feb

Lineage: GAK x (GDP x Watermelon Zkittlez)
Dripping in Resin the, GAK brings on a new fruit terpene with the vigor and aesthetics of WMZ also displaying classic traits from the Bay legend Granddaddy Purple. Some plants range from squat GDP down to loggy WMZ dominant. All phenos have large amounts of resin and flavors that are unexplainable and undeniable ranging from pineapple guava to grape jam and coconut milk or meat.
Grow Time: 8 – 9 weeks

Notes: Only 50 packs available in total then the strain is being retired.  This initial release is for packs 1-25 Each pack is numbered.  The full lineage is available in the photo gallery!

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