Dragons Flame Genetics – Nimbus 2000

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When testing out the multitude heirloom and land race sativas, 3 stood out with special effects.  The nimbus 2000 is the final of the 3.  The nimbus 2000 was dubbed this because its like riding a broomstick thru the heavens.  RACEY, intense, and very long lasting.  Very excellent morning smoke.  Coupled with the fact, she was very mold and mildew resistant, and showed purple buds from the beginning of flower, we knew this was a winner.  12 week flower time indoors, November finish outdoors in the pacific northwest.  This is a strain for the sativa lover!  Supercrop, LST, top, train the ladies, and they will perform nicely.  Good yields, and for a heirloom sativa, pretty decent bud structure.  We selected for effect, not manageability, so be prepared for high levels of vegetative vigor, and extreme stretch if flowering a large plant.  The stargazer wants to get BIG!  As with most sativa, she doesn’t need a lot of nitrogen, so go easy.  The bangi haze male does help control her a bit, bit as a full sativa male as well, these will be pure sativa gold!

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