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Lineage: Sour Tangie x Plemon/Sour Cherry


Flowering Time: 8 Weeks

Citrus Soup (Sour Tangie x Plemon/Sour Cherry) is a cross of Chewberto’s cut of Sour Tangie (Sour Diesel x Tangie) and Plemon/Sour Cherry.

Sour Tangie is a combination of the old and the new. Tangie being a newer strain people are going crazy for, and Sour Diesel an old school flavor of that sour funk people know and love! Reserva Privada pollinated their Sour Diesel with the world famous Tangie as the pollen donor. This cross works, whatever you love more Sour or Tangie you make the call this strain gives it all! Look for 2 pheno’s, one more Tangie and one more Sour D but both will finish in 9+ weeks and grow tall!
Sour Tangie will grow fast in the vegetate state and after flowering starts expect vertical stretching well into the 4th week. With amazing crystal production and a more AMAZING terpene profile, the Sour Tangie wins in all areas. The fast veg, big plants, solid long nugs, amazing crystal production, and the most insane smell will make Sour Tangie your soon favorite. Sour Tangie wins it all!

P-lemon is a great hybrid with excellent vigour and large yields. The Lemon from the Larry OG plays a dominant part in the smell of this plant. Beautiful colours, yield, and structure have been passed down from the male Smelly Cherry. The Chem-Valley Kush also play a nice part in the make-up and the earthy Kush flavour comes through from deep within the flowers.

Sour Cherry is a strain created by a grower called Hemlock using a mix of genetics from various people from the UK, the US and the Netherlands. Bringing various tasty strains together the Sour Cherry provides some lovely colourful surprises. With a number of distinct phenotypes seen so far, this strain produces some lovely Deep Purple and Red colours right within the calyxes as well as spreading out to sugar leaves. There are also some greener phenotypes with similar structure and fat flowers. This is truly a colourful weed. The structure takes on both the C4 calyx architecture and the Casey Jones conker like leaves that came through in the Caseyband.

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