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Yield: Dependent on growing environment, techniques and skills used.

CBX is a cross of the original UK Cheese pollinated by a BubbaX male. BubbaX is Katsu’s Bubba Kush cut crossed with a raydavies X13 (G13 x Apollo 13 x Thai) male. The F1 offspring revealed a stellar Pineapple aroma phenotype that has been kept in the stable for a decade now.

In the recent quest to find a suitable F1 male to work the line to F2, two more very aromatic (fruity/sweet) F1 Mothers were selected for pollination, along with the decade old Pineapple phenotype. The F2 population will show some minor variation due to the diversity of the three Mothers used. These variations will be subtle and height related, as flower structure was very close on all three Mothers. CBX leans to the Sativa side in overall plant height, but is quite manageable, and rarely goes past 8 weeks to finish.

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