Beleaf Cannabis – Chimera S1 Feminized (PRE SALE)

Beleaf Cannabis – Chimera S1

Lineage: White Truffle x The Creature
Seeds Per Pack: Varies
Sex: Feminized Seeds


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Beleaf Cannabis – Chimera S1 Feminized 

Beleaf Cannabis presents Chimera S1, a feminized masterful blend designed for the discerning cultivator and connoisseur.

This unique strain results from an exquisite cross between the illustrious White Truffle and The Creature, embodying the pinnacle of cannabis breeding efforts to produce a truly exceptional plant.

**Lineage:** The Chimera S1 boasts a prestigious heritage, combining the sophisticated aroma and potent effects of White Truffle with the unparalleled vigor and resilience of The Creature. This blend results in a strain that not only captivates with its complex flavor profile but also offers growers reliability and performance in cultivation.  Knowing this Beleaf Selfed his favorite pheno to make it available to you!

**Seeds Per Pack:** Available in various pack sizes, Beleaf Cannabis ensures flexibility for growers of all scales. Whether you are a home enthusiast or a commercial cultivator, you can select the perfect quantity of feminized seeds to meet your needs, ensuring every pack delivers the potential for unparalleled quality.

**Sex:** Exclusively feminized seeds, the Chimera S1 simplifies the cultivation process by eliminating the guesswork involved in sexing plants. Growers can expect nearly 100% female plants, maximizing the yield of high-quality, resinous flowers for which the lineage is known.

  • **Key Features:**
    – **Genetic Excellence:** The Chimera S1 represents the apex of cannabis breeding, offering a unique combination of flavor, potency, and grower-friendly characteristics.
    – **Aroma and Flavor:** Expect a complex bouquet of aromas ranging from earthy undertones to subtle hints of chocolate and coffee, inherited from its White Truffle parent, complemented by the robust, piney freshness from The Creature.
    – **Potency and Effects:** Designed for medicinal and recreational use, this strain delivers a balanced and profound experience, catering to users seeking relaxation and a stimulating cerebral high.
    – **Cultivation Flexibility:** With its feminized seeds, the Chimera S1 is suited for various growing conditions, from indoor hydroponics to outdoor gardens, ensuring robust growth and a bountiful harvest.

**Ideal for** Cultivators seeking a strain that combines ease of growth with complex aromas and potent effects.

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