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Both HogZilla and Bay Dream are extremely large yielding plants! Both are Quite beautiful and produce very potent medicine. A great even mixture of indica and sativa genetics these “beasts” of plants, will have you feeling the mind numbing effects of the heavy hitting indica effects while also feeling the happiness and giggly feeling of your typical sativa effects. the flavors are rasberry, blueberry and citrus while on exhail you’ll be tasting lemony, skunk and hash notes.

“The Blue Beast” is almost a 50/50 Split Indica/Sativa

Flower times are typically between 56-63 days

They can be grown both indoor and outdoor and still acheve very high quality results !

Originally Bred by Grand Daddy Genetics Bay Dream is the marriage of two incredible strains starts with thier big production superstar, the well known Blue Dream and thier High Times Cannabis Cup winner, Bay 11. They brought these phenomenal sativas together to create the ultimate combination of flavors and incredibly sweet smelling buds while giving the Blue Dream even more monstrous yields. This is both a great day and night time medicine that will provide the user with a feeling that is sure to please.

Dense with rich light and dark green hues, the buds are covered in orange fuzzy hairs and tend to show over-sized trichome glands. The aromatic sweet pine fragrance of the Blue Dream carries through almost 100% in their Bay Dream.

Marijuana type: Sativa (80% sativa / 20% indica)
Genotype: Blue Dream x Bay 11

The HogZilla Stud we at Andromeda Strains created and choose to breed with is a “beast” itself. He is a short stalky dude with giant leaves. He had loads of frost and purple colors in his pollen sacs. His sisters were all high yielding beautiful pungent flowers with fruity top notes and citrus skunk undertones. The medicine produced from these plant will have you relaxed and feeling no pain while melting into the couch. Hogzilla is 85% Indica and 15% Sativa

Hogzilla’s parents are “The Hog” (THSeeds) X “Kimbo Kush” (Exotic Genetix)

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