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Percy Pig is a marrige of one of our favorite creations, “Grape Drink” pollenated by another one of our masterpieces “HogZilla”

Our plan in making Percy Pig was to take everything we love about the Grape Drink and expand it. We increased the yeild by adding “The Hog” genetics, while also increasing the potency with the “Kimbo Kush’s” crazy heavy resin production. These gems are sure to really satisfy your every desire, when it comes to choosing your favorite cannabis strain.

Grape Drink is a cross of GrapeGod (Next Generation Seed Company) and Kimbo Kush. (Exotic Genetix)

Grape Drink is a super grape candy tasting and smelling plant with medium yeilds. High in potencty and beautiful in color. She starts to turn purple at weeks 5-6. Coated in resin this plants medicine is happy and giggly while still holding onto some great pain relieving effects and also my help some with thier ashma or breathing issues. Grape Drink is mostly Indica and will finish flowering in 56-63 days

The HogZilla Stud we at Andromeda Strains created and choose to breed with is a “beast” itself. He is a short stalky dude with giant leaves and tight node spacing. He had loads of frost and purple colors in his pollen sacs. His sisters were all high yielding beautiful pungent extra frosty flowers, with tight bud structures. They have fruity top notes and citrus skunk undertones. The smell is fruity citrus along with a strong Kush odor. The medicine produced from these plants will creep up on you and have you relaxed while feeling no pain and melting into the couch. Hogzilla is 85% Indica and 15% Sativa

Hogzilla’s parents are “The Hog” (THSeeds) X “Kimbo Kush” (Exotic Genetix)

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

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