Andromeda Strains – Grape Supreme


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Lineage: Grape Drink x Northern Lights G13

Andromeda & Bred by 42 Collaboration

Flowering Time: 60+ Days


“An Andromeda Strains & Bred by 42 Collaboration!”
Mother Plant: Grape Drink #5 (Andromeda Strains) (Grape God x Kimbo Kush)
Father Plant: Northern Lights x G13 (Bred By 42)
Flowering time: 56-63 days
Mostly Indica Polyhybrid
10 Photoperiod Regular Seeds
We at Andromeda strains received a large number of these Northern Lights x G13 seeds in the
mail along with a request to pop as many as needed while looking for a special tangerine
scented pheno. The directions were to then cross these Tangerine phenos with our grapiest
Grape Drink father. Furthermore it was requested of us to do the opposite cross with our
grapiest mother. (Grape Drink Mother x Northern Lights G13 Father)
We quickly followed directions and started numerous of both strains. Before long we had found
our next two projects.
The combination of these two plants gives the offspring the potential to express nearly every
terpene on the chart. From tangerine, citrus to berry to earthy and pine from the Northern Lights
G13. Then comes the grape bubble gum, blackberry and skunk with an occasional hint of
menthol from the grape drink. These High yielding plants are created to cure what ails you.
From aroma therapy to straight up pain relief. You’ll forget about your stressful day as you
giggle throughout the evening. These plant have it all. Beautiful resin coated and often purple
flowers of heavy goodness. Grape Supreme will ring supreme in any garden. Pick up a pack
today! Don’t forget to thank Bred by 42 for the idea for this cross!!!!

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

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