Andromeda Strains – Grape Glutton


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Lineage: Grape Drink X Snow Pig

Flowering Time: 60+ Days

(Grape Drink #5 (female) x Snow Pig (male))
Grape Drink #5 is one of our flagship strains. It’s a grape bubblegum scented shorter flowering
cross of Grape God (Vancouver Seed Company) and Kimbo Kush (Exotic Genetix)
Snow Pig is another one our first releases, being a cross of the 48 day Hog from THseeds and
Snow Monster.(Exotic Genetix) Snow Pig has a sweet sugary almost shortbread cookie like
flavor and aroma.
Grape Glutton is the cross of Grape Drink #5 and Snow Pig Two of our favorite early crosses all
rolled into one. The Glutton will produce a large amount of sweet berry flavored, frost coated
and often purple flowers for your enjoyment. You’ll want to hoard these precious nug, only to
bring them out to indulge on once everyone else is gone. A flower that will keep calling you back
again and again.
These plants produce a large amount of THC and often gives off a feeling of great euphoria and
giggles. Grape glutton is a happy strain. With your head in the clouds you’ll really enjoy this one
and yet still be able to go about your day, yet if overdone you might just be too relaxed to get up
off the couch.
Medicinal affects include appetite stimulant, good mood enhancer, anti-inflammatory properties,
expectorant properties and pain relief
Grape Glutton is a Poly-Hybrid
Type Regular Photoperiod
Mostly Indica
Flowering time is often on the shorter end of 48-56 days with the occasional pheno expressing
more of its recessive grape god traits and running up to 63.

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