Andromeda Strains – GoldZilla


10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

GoldZilla is made from a strain that’s new to us and was gifted by and old friend. This friend has had it in his garden for quite a few years. We were given the cut under the strict conditions that we couldn’t make clones and give them out. We never did, yet he never said we couldn’t make seeds! We took his cut a grew her nice and large, flowered her once, kept one baby, and used her to pollinate up. The mother goat had a beautiful lemon citrus and somewhat piney smell and flavor. The buds are actually golden and as frosty as hell! A short little thing she was, super bushy, with thin sativa dominate leaves. Definitely one of a kind! We were curious to see what we’d would create with another short, bushy and extra frosty male yet this time with big Indica dominate looking leaves. We decided to breed her, as well, with our HogZilla stud. Our hope was that their babies would end up being a healthy stable 50/50 mix of short sativa and short indica. The hog too has an almost golden like color, a lemon fuel, and somewhat piney smell and taste. Both bushy, and both frosty, they should be outstanding together. The goat making the plants leaves a bit thinner allowing more light to penetrate through the canopy, thus increasing yield. The HogZilla adding some weight to the final creation. During our germantion tests we had many seeds that grew up with two plant stalks from a single. These ones should be interesting! Pick some of these special f1 genetics up and join us in our experiments! It has the promise be a really great strain!

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