“42” – Purple Cadillac


“42” – Purple Cadillac

Lineage: Purple Cadillac x London Bridge F3
Seeds Per Pack: 12
Sex: Regular Seeds

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Introducing “42” – Purple Cadillac, a premium cannabis strain for the connoisseur seeking a unique and luxurious experience. This exceptional variety is the result of a carefully crafted cross between the illustrious Purple Cadillac and the renowned London Bridge F3, each bringing its unique attributes to create a genuinely standout cultivar.

**Lineage:** The Purple Cadillac’s deep, rich heritage blends seamlessly with the robust and distinctive characteristics of the London Bridge F3, resulting in a strain that stands in a class of its own. The lineage ensures a plant with remarkable traits and a growth experience that’s as rewarding as it is straightforward.

**Seeds Per Pack:** Each pack contains 12 high-quality, regular seeds, offering growers the chance to explore the full potential of this magnificent strain. Whether you’re an experienced cultivator or a hobbyist, these seeds are primed to develop into vibrant, flourishing plants.

**Sex:** Regular Seeds. This selection caters to purists and traditionalists, offering the authentic experience of cannabis cultivation. Regular seeds promise a natural growth cycle and a robust genetic makeup, perfect for those looking to breed their strains or growers who prefer a more organic approach.

**Terpene Profile:**  Purple Cadillac is distinguished by its unique terpene profile. The dominant sour notes harmonize with grape overtones, creating an olfactory experience that is both invigorating and soothing. This complex aroma profile makes it a perfect choice for users who appreciate a multi-layered sensory experience.

To learn more about the parent strain London Bridge F3 and its influence on “42” – Purple Cadillac, explore [Neptune Seed Bank](https://neptuneseedbank.com/product/42-london-bridge-f3-1-2-pack/). This link offers in-depth insights into the heritage, characteristics, and cultivation details of the London Bridge F3, providing a fuller understanding of what makes  Purple Cadillac a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Embrace the luxury and sophistication of “42” – Purple Cadillac, a strain that promises to elevate your grow journey to new heights.

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