42 – Citrus City OG F5


5 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: Citrus City OG F4 x Citrus City OG F4

Citrus City OG: Lemon OG x 213 OG

Indica / Sativa: Indica Leaning Hybrid

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Citrus City OG F5 – The Quintessence of Citrus and OG

Citrus City OG F5, the fifth-generation marvel from a storied lineage, is perfect for those seeking to blend classic flavors with modern cultivation. This strain, originating from the timeless Lemon OG x 213 OG, brings the best of both worlds.

A Legacy Refined Through Generations

  • Storied Lineage: Citrus City OG F5 is the culmination of selective breeding, maintaining the original essence of Lemon OG x 213 OG, while enhancing its best traits.
  • The Quest for Perfection: The ongoing hunt for that ideal balance of lemon terps with the classic OG gas is what makes this strain a continuous journey in excellence.
  • 5 Seeds Per Pack: 5 chances for you to find that phenotype that fits your taste.  With the fifth generation of seeds, there is a keeper in every pack

Why Citrus City OG F5 is a Cultivator’s Dream

  1. Frosty and Sticky Nugs: Each bud is a testament to the strain’s quality, emerging super frosty and sticky, just as any cultivator would desire.
  2. Classic OG Spears: Recognized and adored for its iconic OG spears, this strain is not only a joy to cultivate but also a visual treat in any garden.
  3. Ideal Flavor Fusion: For lovers of the classic OG taste with a twist of lemon, this strain delivers an unmatched flavor experience.

Citrus City OG F5 is more than just a strain; it’s a journey through cannabis history, refined over generations. Its frosty buds, iconic spears, and unique flavor profile make it a must-have for growers and enthusiasts alike. Grab some seeds and experience the evolution of a classic. Happy growing! 🍋💨🌿

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