42 – Black Cherry Pound Cake Bx1


10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: (London Pound Cake x Citrus City OG) x Citrus City OG F1

London Pound Cake: NIP OG x Sunset Sherbet

Citrus City OG: Lemon OGx 213 OG

Indica leaning hybrid

In stock


Black Cherry Pound Cake Bx1 by 42

Hey Cultivators! Gear up for an unforgettable growing experience with Black Cherry Pound Cake Bx1 by 42, an Indica-dominant hybrid crafted by expert 42. This pack offers 10 regular seeds, each with the potential to transform your garden.

A Rich Blend of Top-Shelf Genetics

  • Distinguished Lineage: This strain combines the best of London Pound Cake (NIP OG x Sunset Sherbet) with Citrus City OG (Lemon OG x 213 OG), and then backcrosses with Citrus City OG F1. The result? A genetic masterpiece.
  • Indica Dominance for a Relaxing Experience: Boasting an indica-leaning profile, expect a soothing effect, perfect for unwinding.

Why Black Cherry Pound Cake Bx1 Stands Out

  1. Stunning Purple Hues: Watch in awe as the flowers turn a light shade of purple throughout the grow, adding a visual feast to your garden.
  2. Impressive Bud Growth: The buds stack huge, thanks to the backcross with Citrus City OG. Expect giant colas from all phenotypes – a real showstopper.
  3. Aromatic Bliss: Prepare for a delightful mix of gassy smell and sweet flavors, offering a sensory experience like no other.

Black Cherry Pound Cake Bx1 by 42 is not just a strain; it’s a testament to exceptional breeding. It promises not only a visual spectacle with its purple hues and giant colas but also a delightful combination of aromas and flavors.

Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting, this strain is sure to enrich your cultivation journey. Embrace the opportunity to grow this magnificent strain and revel in the results. Happy growing! 🌿💜🍰

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