Snow Shoes

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    Cult Classics Seeds – Snow Shoes


    Cult Classics Seeds – Snow Shoes


    18 Regular Seeds Per Pack 

    Lineage: Cement Shoes x Powder Cakes
    Powder Cakes: Wedding Cake X Freshies

    Freshies: (Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG)

    Settle in for the season with this warm,thick hybrid. Breathe in the smell of gingerbread baking in the oven, and feel it change in your mouth to the sweet, lingering taste of winter berries. A trip on Snow Shoes starts out by gliding up on bright sunny peaks, washing your cares away. Then you’ll sink down into soft snowy depths, until your body is too heavy to resist the temptation to sleep and dream. Hibernate until spring… or at least, until you start to smell plants again.This hardy varietal, essentially an updatedversion of the classic Cement Shoes, is easy-growing and delivers remarkably consistent results for even beginner farmers.

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