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  • Lemon Logs

    Ogenius Seeds- Lemon Logs (Kirkwood OG x Lem OG)


    Ogenius Seeds- Lemon Logs (Kirkwood OG x Lem OG)

    20 regular seeds per pack

    Lineage: Kirkwood x Lem OG

    56 DAYS


    Strain: Lem Logs

    Parentage   (  Kirkwood O.G.  x   Lem O.G.  )




    1. High res photo of flower, bud plant and/or bud


    1. Breeder



    1. Height

    6-8 feet


    1. Weight / Yield

    8 lbs / Big


    1. Time until harvest

    October 15 (6-8 weeks)


    1. Sativa/Indica ratio



    7.About 200 words on lineage , howm it grows, what it looks like, why you like it?


    This strain is a cross between a chemdog dominant Kirkwood OG from Archive and the Lem O.G. from Lempire Farmaseed. The nose is citrus jet fuel and you can taste the Dead Lot and the 1987 Pakistani Citroen Hash Plant from the Super Sativa Seed Lovers Club.  Extremely potent, this strain is not for the inexperienced smoker and can keep you high all day or at least until you wake up again. The Lem O.G. has won many awards and boosts up the yield while the Chem in the Kirkwood makes the nose and taste truly rewarding.  If you like lemons and skunks, this gassy lady is what you’re looking for.



    1. Taste burn and unburned

    Gas on gas with lemon rinds

    Gas and lawnmower clippings



    1. Scent

    Lemon citrus jet fuel



    1. What dried/crumbled look like

    Classic neon O.G.

    Crumbled glass shards and beach sand



    1. Titration

    Instant overwhelming commitment high


    1. Duration

    4 hours plus


    1. Quality / Type High

    Strong hybrid high

    Not for the inexperienced smoker




    1. Medicinal Qualities

    Creates eye tears

    Body relax

    Heavy heavy eyelids

    Muscles relax


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