Mango + Cannabis…the New Dynamic Duo

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Maybe you’ve heard this one before…maybe you haven’t. Stoners have long been told that eating mango while smoking increases the high. Unlike many of the stoner myths you may have heard, this one actually has some truth to it. 



The Real Deal

Mangos and cannabis both contain myrcene. This is a pretty common terpene that’s known for its peppery, hoppy scent and it’s memorable flavor.  Myrcene by itself won’t do much for you. But elevated levels of myrcene are often associated with fast-acting and  powerful highs. A study from 2016  concluded that the myrcene terpene plays a key role in facilitating  the transport of cannabinoids to your brain. But wait, there’s more… Myrcene has been linked to enhanced transdermal absorption, potentially opening up another avenue for greater cannabinoid uptake.

Strains like White Widow, Skunk XL and Special  Kush 1 are considered to have higher levels of myrcene. These strains often get a reputation for producing greater than  average relaxation or even a sedative effect. There isn’t really scientific evidence to support this, but we’ll roll with it. 

The Combo

So here’s the deal, if you eat about 2 mangos or make yourself a mango smoothie then proceed to smoke a bowl, you’ll most definitely feel the effects, with a significantly more intense high. You want to consume the fruit about 45 minutes prior to your cannabis session. That allows the cannabis compounds to absorb into your body quicker and the high will linger much longer. 

Chances are you’ll want to play around with how much mango you want to eat, how intense of a high you want and all of that. You can tweak your consumption to achieve your ideal high. One could say this is a way of leveling up your high and really, why not?!


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