Is it Worth Buying Cannabis Seeds?

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If you’re a cannabis user, you’ve likely noticed that even the most high-quality flowers can often contain a seed or two in the bag. But are these seeds optimal for growing purposes? Here the team from Neptune Seed Bank discusses the differences between growing with premium cannabis seeds versus those seeds you find at the bottom of the bag!

High-Quality Flowers

One of the biggest benefits of buying top strains and cannabis seeds from breeders over bag seeds is that you’ll get the highest-quality buds possible. With the right seeds, you can produce flowers that are denser, more potent, and offer a much smoother smoke.

Rate of Germination

When it comes to seed germination, found cannabis seeds or bag seeds will often take much longer to germinate than the high-quality cannabis seeds you can purchase. This is because they might be older, or have been subjected to more light, which will affect germination. That’s why it’s always best to get high-quality strains and seeds for any grow operation.

Pattern of Growth

Using seeds that weren’t created with the proper genetics can lead to unpredictable growth patterns that might be hard to manage for the first-time or indoor grower. However, seeds from modern breeders are created to offer the optimal germination and growth patterns, making them easier to manage and producing better results.

Avoid Male Plants & Hermaphrodites

When you grow with seeds you’ve found at the bottom of the bag, you’ll run into the problem of having to cull male plants and hermaphrodites, as they can pollinate your female cannabis plants and seriously affect your yield. This can be a time-consuming process, which is why many growers choose to buy feminized seeds to avoid culling plants, as well as autoflowering seeds that begin flowering based on time rather than the amount of light they get.

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