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Neptune Seed Bank offers the highest quality genetics at the lowest possible price. 

We only work with cannabis breeders that have a strong reputation for producing quality and are at the top of their game.  We do this so that we can guarantee the quality to the customer.

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We do not work with back yard breeders or any seed houses that only produce first generation strains.

 We only work with breeders that have stabilized genetics that produce results generation after generation.

The strains that we carry are all of the medical quality and have the pertinent information with it. 

We do however only sell seeds as NOVELTY only.  Please do not contact us asking for grow advice of any kind.  Also you acknowledge that you are over 18 and you are going to adhere to whatever laws your state has on record.   You also release Neptune seed bank of any liability or legal problems as we are assuming that you are purchasing them for NOVELTY purposes only.

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and their most popular strains


Lineage: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Yeti

Lineage: Alien Moonshine x Black Cherry Pie

Lineage: Dosidos x Fire OG Bx3

Lineage: Koffee x Koffee

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[ideo_testimonials_slider el_name_font_size=”16″ el_company_font_size=”16″ el_quote_font_size=”19″ el_elemnt_style=”transparent-light” el_elemnt_style_colors=”{‘quote_color’:”,’author_text_color’:”,’company_text_color’:”,’author_image_border_color’:”,’navigation_arrows_color’:”}” el_uid=”56e56612aa0b4″][ideo_testimonial_item title=”Nick is the Man!” el_author_name=”Emma” el_company_name=”” tab_id=”1457874103750-2″ el_image=”939″]Nick is the absolute best! He is very knowledgeable and his customer service is what keeps me coming back! Thanks NICK! Love you![/ideo_testimonial_item][ideo_testimonial_item title=”amazing” el_author_name=”Carl” el_company_name=”” tab_id=”1458154066737-1-3″ el_image=”940″]I got my first pack of seeds from Nick about a year and half ago. It was 42 – OG Leviathan. After my first harvest I started expanding and Nick gave me great recommendations on which strains I should get based on my needs. This is the only seed bank that I use now and would recommend Neptune Seed bank to anyone and everyone that are in need of great genetics.[/ideo_testimonial_item][ideo_testimonial_item title=”Testimonial” el_author_name=”Trap Queen” el_company_name=”” tab_id=”1497473833470-2-3″ el_image=”941″]I wanna keep my recommendation short. If you want the best genetics online and the best prices, Neptune seeds offers both.[/ideo_testimonial_item][/ideo_testimonials_slider]


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