Exotic Genetix: The History & Strains of One of Today’s Leading Breeders

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At Neptune Seed Bank, we’re proud to work with a network of the world’s leading cannabis breeders. One of our favorite brands is Exotic Genetix, and here we wanted to highlight some of the history and strains that have made it a world-renowned brand.

Humble Roots: The Beginning of Exotic Genetics

Started in 2008 in Tacoma, Washington, the Exotic Genetix brand began as a one-man operation by founder/breeder Mike. He was going to school for computer networking engineering but as he began experimenting with his own cannabis projects, he was inspired to change his major to biology and seriously started studying cannabis genetics. Only a few years later, Exotic Genetix has become one of the most well-known names among breeders and cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Some of the strains that made the Exotic Genetix brand really take off include:

  • Supernatural (2009-10): The first Exotic Genetix strain Mike marketed was Supernatural, and it made its mark on the cannabis community. A cross of a Grape God female and a Flav male, the Supernatural strain took second place several years later when Seattle held its very first cannabis cup competition. That inspired Mike to hit the ground running and since then, he’s created some truly unique offerings.
  • Starfighter (2013): Mike obtained the Starfighter strain directly from Alien Genetics, the original breeder of the strain. He began cultivating the strain and created a female plant he used for years to create other crosses and hybrids. But Starfighter will always be known for the frosty, unique flowers it creates and its aromatic vanilla smell and taste.
  • Cookies and Cream (2013-14): By this time, Exotic Genetix had been creating a variety of strains and by crossing the Starfighter strain with Girl Scout Cookies, he developed Cookies and Cream. This strain is now world-famous after winning first place in the hybrid category at the 2013 Denver Cannabis Cup.
  • Kimbo Kush: With the success Mike was already experiencing, he continued experimenting and creating new and unique hybrids that impressed the cannabis community. This led to his development of Kimbo Kush, a cross between Starfighter and Blackberry Kush.
  • Tina (2016-17): In 2016 Mike traveled to Amsterdam to participate in a cannabis cup event that was eventually canceled. But the trip wasn’t for nothing. He came back with a batch of unlabeled seeds from his friend Constantine, from Horti-Lab. Using these he created a strain called Constantine and made a cross with one of his in-house Yoda strains, which resulted in Tina, a gassy strain that created a big buzz.
  • Grease Monkey (2016-17): This strain was developed right after Tina and it’s one of Exotic Genetix most well-known strains. After creating Grease Monkey, he crossed the strain to create Donkey Butter, another award-winning cannabis strain.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip (2018): Mint Chocolate Chip was created from one of Exotic Genetix’s Green Ribbon strains crossed with a SinMint Cookies strain. Containing gassy terpenes and a sweet, funky flavor, it’s also become one of the brand’s most popular strains over the years.
  • Strawberries and Cream (2019): The following year, Mike developed Strawberries and Cream, a cross between Cookies and Cream F2 and a Strawberry strain.
  • Rainbow Chip (2021): This strain was released in 2021 in both feminized and regular seeds and created a big bang, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand’s popularity continued to grow.
  • Bread and Butter (2022): This year, Mike and the Exotic Genetix team are preparing to drop their Bread and Butter strain, a cross between Donkey Butter and Bakers Dozen.

Before you go…

Before you go, Neptune Seed Bank just wanted to highlight some of our favorite Exotic Genetix strains we carry including:

  • Jungle Fruit: A Monkey Mints and Strawberries and Cream hybrid, this strain offers a heavy yield and boasts a 60/40 Indica profile.
  • Strawberry Float: A cross between Red Pop and Cookies and Cream IX2, Strawberry Float bears a 70/30 Indica profile and offers high, bushy yields.
  • Popscotti: Another cross strain from Exotic Genetix’s Red Pop seed collection, this is a cross of the original Red Pop strain with a Biscotti strain that truly packs a punch.

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