Different Types of Cannabis Genetics Terms Every Grower Should Know

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Different Types of Cannabis Genetics Terms Every Grower Should Know

Whether you’re a first-time grower or are simply expanding your operation, being familiar with all of today’s best growing practices and genetics terminologies will serve you well. This is because there are a lot of different things to consider while growing and pollinating cannabis plants.

Below the team from Neptune Seed Bank has collected some of the most important terminologies.

Open-Air Pollination

If you’re pollinating your cannabis plants in the open air, there are two major varietal types that exist, they are:

  • Landraces: This type of cannabis is often considered a “base” genetics variety, or some of the oldest strains in existence. These are varietals that have been growing naturally in their ideal environment outdoors and adapting to the various soil, altitude, and water availability in the specific locales where they’re growing. Many landraces have developed natural resistance to things like drought, pests, and plant diseases.
  • Heirlooms: These are often passed from hand to hand. Heirlooms are similar to landrace varietals in the sense that they’ve been bred to adapt and develop resistance to diseases and pests due to pollination outdoors. However, they’re not bound to the locale where they’ve been bred and need extra care when planted in a new locale to enable them to adapt.

Controlled Pollination

In addition to open-air pollination, there are many varietals that have been created through controlled pollination, such as:

  • Hybrids: You’ve likely heard the term hybrids before. This is when two different strains, like a landrace or heirloom, are crossbred to create an entirely new strain boasting some of the characteristics of each. The strongest and most reliable hybrids are F1, also known as filial generation hybrids.
  • Self-Pollinated: This is when plants have been crossbred with themselves to basically produce strong feminized seeds. Essentially, crossbreeding a plant with itself will effectively reverse the sex of the plant.
  • Back-Crossed Lines: Also known as BX strains, this is when a new plant is created using the offspring of one plant with the initial parent that produced it to foster certain traits. This process can be done repeatedly, resulting in strains of BX1-BX5.

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