Compound Genetics: The Origin & History of Some of Today’s Leading Strains

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Over the years, Compound Genetics has become a worldwide name when it comes to creating some of the most unique and inventive cannabis strains on the market. But it began as a small business created by two friends before growing into the brand it is today. Neptune Seed Bank carries a variety of Compound Genetics strains and here, we wanted to highlight some of the milestones that made the breeder what it is today.

The History & Origin of Compound Genetics

 Founded in 2019 by California-based cannabis breeder Christopher Lynch, Compound Genetics was inspired by Lynch’s visit to Amsterdam where he lived for two years. During this time, he grew fascinated with the different types of strains available and the existing cannabis culture. Before launching Compound Genetics, Lynch founded Tiger Trees, but two years later changed the name to Compound Genetics to give the brand a broader market appeal. Then, he packed his bags and relocated from Portland to San Francisco.

The Evolution of Compound Genetics

 By collaborating over the years with other cannabis breeders and friends, in addition to rigorously seeking out and collecting new strains and phenohunting, the buzz around Compound Genetics began to grow. Below are some of their most notable and unique creations!

Legend Orange Apricot (2017-19)

 One of the very first elite strains produced by Compound Genetics was Legend Orange Apricot. It began from a pack of seeds (an unreleased cross between Legend OG and Orange Apricot) given to him by the founder of MAC, who later gave him permission to do a breeding project. So, Lynch used a male plant to create the Legend Orange Apricot seed collection. This strain later led to a full line of offshoot hybrids such as Purple Apricot, Flavor Crystals, and Ice Cream Man.

Jet Fuel Gelato and Menthol (2017-19)

After its success with Legend Orange Apricot, Compound Genetics continued its experimentations and created Jet Fuel Gelato. In fact, the company was the first to market Gelato seeds. Seeing its popularity, Lynch decided to create some more cross strains and eventually came up with Jet Fuel Gelato and Menthol.

Apples and Bananas (2019)

Due to Compound Genetics’ success with the two previous strains, the company began generating a buzz and others were looking to collaborate with Lynch. The first to do so was Berner and Cookies. Released in 2019, Apples and Bananas, born from one of Compound Genetics’ Jet Fuel Gelato collections, was an instant hit. Now, the company is planning to drop an entire collection of Apples and Bananas, all with the most popular strains from Berner and Cookies, so keep an eye out for Apples and Bananas x White Runtz, Apples and Bananas x Pavé, Apples and Bananas S1, and more.

Pavé (2021)

 Last year, Compound Genetics wowed cannabis enthusiasts again with Pavé, the result of a collaboration with Migos from Quavo. Lynch describes this strain as being nearly white in appearance because its buds are so stacked with trichomes. It also boasts a strong gassy profile. As with Apples and Bananas, Compound Genetics will be releasing a full seed collection of Pavé strains this year.

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