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The Unmistakable Popularity of SLURRICANE


Slurricane, bred by In House Genetics arguably one of the most sought after strains on planet earth… Literally. Slurricane seeds can be found in most seed banks around the globe and the seed banks that do not have it are on a waiting list to get it. The question is why? In this article we […]

THC Testing is Bullshit and You’re Getting Screwed

Beard bros Cannabis article for Neptune seed bank

The sheer audacity of the claims seem to be careening ever more dangerously toward preposterous absurdity these days. Everywhere, in every rec-legal state, as the race for hip new genetics and the hypest flower reaches a feverish pitch you hear it: 30% THC is the new 20%. As every new state rec system comes online […]

Why America Arrests More People for Cannabis Possession Each Year Than for All Violent Crimes COMBINED

prison for Marijuana Convictions

New Jersey Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker raised a lot of eyebrows last week when in a television interview he made the claim that more people are being arrested in the U.S. for cannabis possession than for all violent crimes combined. In case you missed it, his exact quote was, “We have people […]

Cannabis Industry Growth

Cannabis Industry Growth

While cannabis is still illegal at a federal level, states are warming up to the industry. Medical marijuana programs are available in most states and recreational marijuana is following right behind. Cannabis may be the next big legal substance…the growth is exciting. Canada has finally legalized marijuana and sales more than doubled in 2018 over […]

Canadian Cannabis – What’s the Buzz for 2019?

canadian cannabis

Canada is the second country to legalize recreational marijuana in late 2018, but the complexity of the national legal supply chain is causing major shortages. Health Canada is responsible for regulatory approval, but there has been a huge backlog leaving retailers with only a fraction of the promised products for sale. This shortage is likely […]

Delivery Drivers Targeted for Cannabis Crackdown in California

Cannabis Delivery

San Diego remains a risky place to courier cannabis without a state and local license, more folks learned this October. Authorities announced the arrest of two people they suspect ran Leaf Life delivery service out of their home, seizing 50 pounds of products, and $3,500 in cash. San Diego might lead the state in delivery busts — […]

Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in New York Would Usher in New Era

Legalizing Marijuana

New York — In all likelihood, New York will legalize recreational marijuana during the next legislative session. This sea-change will demand a regulatory scheme up to the task. On one hand, the regime should cabin the risks associated with legalizing a drug that affects people’s mental states and abilities to drive. But on the other […]

The 3 Biggest Hurdles to Legalizing Marijuana in the United States

Legalizing Marijuana

The 3 Biggest Hurdles to Legalizing Marijuana in the United States Here’s what would need to happen for the federal government to change its tune on cannabis. Sean Williams (TMFUltraLong) Aug 26, 2018 at 11:41AM The marijuana industry is seemingly budding before our eyes.To our south, Mexico wound up legalizing medical marijuana in June 2017. Meanwhile, […]

Company Aims to Spray its DNA All Over Your Legal Weed

Marijuana - No Spray

Company Aims to Spray its DNA All Over Your Legal Weed You may notice that we use the hashtag #pesticidesnotincluded on social media and even on some of our packaging because we take great pride in the way that we cultivate cannabis and in the results that we consistently harvest. Unfortunately, some growers do not take that same level […]

California Study Proves Once Again That Legal Weed for Adults Means Less Weed for Kids

Beard Bros Pharms

California Study Proves Once Again That Legal Weed for Adults Means Less Weed for Kids An in-depth survey of California’s kids has once again reaffirmed that youth cannabis use goes down when adult cannabis use is legalized. For today’s teens, it seems that weed going mainstream is like seeing their dad try to Whip & […]