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Cannabis redefines the “Runner’s High”

During the pandemic most of us learned how to make the best of being stuck at home. And even now, well into the pandemic in 2021 with some return to normalcy, the pandemic is still going on. Chances are we’ve created a few routines and habits to incorporate into our new normal–specifically the way we are consuming cannabis. 

Everyone already knows that the pandemic led to an influx of cannabis users and seasoned users smoking even more. But there’s a new study that found that it has become more common to work out while high. The study, which was conducted by a fitness review website, FitRated, surveyed over 1000 people. These people incorporated cannabis into their workouts. The survey asked participants about cannabis-fueled workouts during the height of the pandemic and how their usage has changed since the pandemic began. There are an array of different answers. 

Lit n’ Lift

The survey found that exercise routines vary for many people who make them a part of their lifestyle and so do cannabis-fueled workouts also vary depending on preference and how much is consumed.

Another question that came up was at what point in their workout did people spark one up. Roughly half of the Tetrahydrocannabinol users surveyed said they used cannabis before and/or after their workouts, while 33.7% reached for it during their workout. CBD users, on the other hand, focused on cannabis as a recovery tool and used it mostly after a workout (71.1%).

Additional findings? On average, marijuana users reported shelling out $42.70 on cannabis monthly. At this rate, cannabis-fueled workouts would cost $512.40 a year – more than some gym memberships. But you can’t put a price on your wellbeing they say. 

Pre-Workout Hits

Before getting into their workout routine, 36% of people reported using cannabis, although the majority (60.7%) didn’t mix cannabis into their pre-workout supplements.


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