Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strains for Growing Outdoors

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Growing outdoors can be a lot different from indoor cannabis growing. You’ll need to choose hardier strains that will thrive in your climate. That’s why the team from Neptune Seed Bank has compiled some of the best autoflowering strains for outdoor growing here!

  • Bubba Kush: This unique strain is the result of a hybridization of Bubble Gum and the Original Kush strain and produces buds of varying hues. They also hold up well under more stressful growing conditions and can grow flowers with approximately 18% THC levels around nine weeks into the growing stage.
  • Auto White Widow: White Widow is known the world over for packing a serious punch. This autoflowering strain is a good choice for those growing in colder climates, as its autoflowering characteristics were introduced via ruderalis genetics.
  • Auto G13: Since the 1960s, this 70% Indica-dominant strain has been famous for delivering yields with THC content as high as 24%. It also boasts approximately 0.25 CBD and is considered one of the most durable and potent strains available today.
  • Jack Herer: Considered one of the Paul Bunyan’s of cannabis culture, this strain named after the cannabis giant is particularly resinous and extremely potent. It’s believed to be derived from Haze cannabis strains.
  • Critical Mass: Named not only for its size but the punch it packs, this autoflowering strain has been known to produce some of the highest cannabis yields to date. It’s a hybridization of original Skunk and Afghani strains and produces flowers generally around the 80-day mark that boast upwards of 24% THC content.
  • Auto Lemon Skunk: This Indica-dominant strain is an inbred cross of the original Lemon Skunk strain and bears an acidic flavor, as well as offering up to 22% THC content once harvested.
  • Auto Purple Kush: Another strain that’s great for beginners, Auto Purple Kush is a beautiful-looking purple plant that derives many of its best qualities from its Purple Afghan parent. It can be easily grown in a variety of climates and will produce buds that offer a relaxing high and a sweet, subtle scent.

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