All About Mephisto Genetics: From Origin to Evolution

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If you’re in any way connected with the cannabis world, then you’re probably no stranger to the Mephisto Genetics brand. It’s been a worldwide leader when it comes to creating today’s best fast-flowering plants due to its access to some of the most diverse parent plants.

So, Neptune Seed Bank wanted to take a look at the company’s origins and what it’s doing today to stay on the cutting edge of genetics.

Mephisto Genetics’ Humble Origins

The history of Mephisto Genetics began with a competition between three friends and cannabis enthusiasts. The goal was to see who could produce the highest yield in the shortest amount of time. But all were dissatisfied with the results, and Mephisto Genetics was conceived. They soon moved to Spain and began creating incredibly potent strains and launched the business officially in 2014.

Brand Evolution

Unlike many other breeders that create crosses from seeds they’ve bought, the Mephisto Genetics brand stays close to home, keeping all of their auto flowering seeds in-house. The time and effort that goes into each strain is unique and its elite genetics have led it to be favored the world over.

Not only have they kept the outfit small, but they’re also vocal about being completely transparent, which is why Mephisto Genetics actively documents their work. It’s an attempt at forming more of a community and sharing their experience at that community level.

Some of the Leading Strains from Mephisto Genetics

Known for delivering a punch and offering a one-of-a-kind taste, some of their most popular strains include:

  • Walter White: Named after the character from Breaking Bad, the name gives a hint at what you should expect from this potent auto flowering strain. Part of the lineage of “Korme’s ‘The White’” it offers epic yields and a creamy, citric taste.
  • Fantasmo Express: This Sativa-dominant strain is crossed with a slightly-balanced hybrid and the OG Ghost Train Haze lineage. It’s a large-structure plant, making it ideal for outdoor growing.

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