A Brief History of Cannabis Throughout the Years

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A Brief History of Cannabis Throughout the Years

The health benefits, both physical and mental, of cannabis have been well-known for decades. In fact, it’s been a healing plant for centuries. But how far back does our knowledge of cannabis go? What other cultures have used the plant as a curative and what does the history of its usage look like?

Well, Neptune Seed Bank wanted to help you fill in some of those blanks, so we’ve collected some of the most important historical information about cannabis and its use throughout history here!

The Roman Army Used Cannabis More Than 2,000 Years Ago

In a travel diary written by Greek physician Pedants Dioscorides more than 2,000 years ago, he describes traveling with the Greek army and details a variety of plants used as curatives, including cannabis. Referred to as the “Devil’s Lettuce,” the soldiers used cannabis to treat gout and flatulence.

The Ancient Egyptians Used Cannabis

In addition to the ancient Romans, the Egyptians also reportedly used cannabis. The famously known Ebers Papyrus, which lists a variety of different herbs and medicines in common usage in ancient Egypt, states that cannabis can be heated on a brick so patients with asthma can inhale the fumes. But that’s not the only evidence of the plant’s usage by the Egyptians. There is also evidence in artworks depicting cannabis leaves, and cannabis pollen was found in the body of Ramses II.

Evidence of Use by Ancient Chinese to Treat Breast Cancer

Traces of cannabis were found at a gravesite in China that was more than 2,500 years old. One woman was found amidst a variety of different artifacts, one of which contained traces of cannabis. Scientists were later able to determine that the mummy found buried next to the artifact containing traces of cannabis was suffering from metastasized breast cancer. Could it be that she was using it to alleviate her symptoms? We’ll never know without a shadow of a doubt but it seems likely.

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